How are casinos advertised on TV abroad?

In many developed countries, online gambling is a legal, regulated business. Operators follow certain rules and work calmly. The idea of ​​advertising casinos on Russian-language television seems wild. But for residents of a considerable number of countries, this is a common thing, it's the same as for us to see an advertisement for a car or a powder.

Advertising on TV is the lot of more or less large casinos. Still, it's not cheap. I'm not an expert in TV advertising, but here are the approximate prices I found out after a short search. The standard to measure is the cost per 30 seconds of airtime. British channel ITV charges an average of £3,000 - £4,000 for 30 seconds during quiet periods and £10,000 - £30,000 during peak hours. Channels with a smaller audience show ads a little cheaper. Well, the least popular can take £5 - £30.

The leader in the number of commercials is the Casumo casino. They have countless creative videos of this white man - one funny, some meaningful, some original. One of the ones that makes sense says, “We don't stop playing because we're getting old. We get old because we stop playing.” Then there is a video about the fact that Casumo is struggling with boredom.

The video below is, in my opinion, the most original casino advertisement at the moment. PlayOJO against a villain named Clint. The hero screams that the casino is doing things wrong. It is further revealed what he was unhappy about when he angrily mumbles to himself that he was told "no Clint, we don't hide anything in our Terms and Conditions". His closing line is "Give money to the players win or lose, do we? Muppets! Which can be translated as “We pay money to the players, we lose or win, don't we? Idiots!

Monkeys in a casino are unusual. But why did 32red choose them for their video? The key phrase here is “Don’t monkey around with your choice of casino”. This will not be translated into Russian in the literal sense, such as “do not be a monkey with the choice of a casino”, but rather “do not take the choice of a casino lightly.

32red also has videos of a farmer growing gambling potatoes for the operator. Why potatoes? Apparently, due to the fact that the word chips means both chips and french fries. Therefore, the operator mixed everything up and imagined that the chips were supplied by a farmer who grows potatoes.

The same farmer, but now with fruit. He pulls up a cart, says that now they are also engaged in fruit. He catches a cherry, another cherry, and also ... unfortunately, a lemon. After which the farmer says that he was so close (to victory). Then the words “See, only the best goes to 32red casino slots.” Watch the video to the end, there will be a joke.

Next are a few videos from MrGreen that do not require comments.

Unibet casino has this ad. Calm but interesting. It talks about numerous reasons to choose Unibet: low wagering requirements (low turnover requirements), exclusive games available on all platforms (exclusive games across all platforms), over 96% return to players (over 96% turnover).

William Hill casino ads show the benefits of playing online. In the sense that you do not have to match the audience in the casino and you can play as you like.

bgo casino ad. The boss comes to the casino and he doesn't like everything - pink uniform, pink interior. He is furious and confused - everywhere a photo of Paris Hilton. Paris personally refers to him "You're back ... like what I did with the casino?". The answer is "No!". Paris "Listen everyone! The boss is back – free spins for everyone!”. Then the boss wakes up. It was a terrible dream. In front of him is Paris, who is applying for the position of assistant boss. "Well, as a boss, am I your new assistant?" The answer is "Pip... no."

Thrills Casino has released a series of TV promotional videos. Their attraction lies in the originality of ideas. The motto of the casino is Seek The Thrill, which is what the protagonist does in all their videos.

Stan James casino. Here the main words, so listen. “It's a lemon. He is yellow. He has a funny shape. He's sour. Lemon itself is not very interesting. But if you see a lemon in a slot game and you get other lemons on the line, then that lemon suddenly seems very sweet.” I like the simplicity and originality of advertising.

Jackpotcity Casino talks about what you can get with just one chip - over 300 slots, including the world-famous Mega Moolah progressive slot. Further, about the fact that you will be treated like a VIP player 24/7, and that the casino is available on mobile, tablets and computers.

Russian casino videos

There are a lot of foreign commercials for casinos. But what about the Russians? Not so rosy. Moreover, in my opinion, those few videos focused on the Russian-speaking player have a completely different message. If foreign advertising by and large says “Look how creative we are” or “Look how fun we have”, then in Russian ads like “one, two - make money” are promoted.

For comparison, ads for JoyCasino and Azino777 (Azino777 is on our blacklist).

I wonder if the casino advertisers are wrong. Which advertisement makes you more willing to register at the casino? The one that is offered by foreign operators, or the one that is filmed in Russian?

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