Casino Blocks: A game of skill like Tetris from Green Jade

From time to time, developers add elements of craftsmanship to casino games. One of these experiments was the game Casino Blocks. It is something like Tetris and for a certain category of players it will seem quite exciting.

The element of skill lies in correctly laying out the figures on the screen. Each filled row or column disappears, making room for new figures. If there is no room for new pieces, then the round ends.

As in Tetris, the player is given the opportunity to rotate the pieces, only the number of rotations is limited. There is also a function to replace a character from one to another, but it can also be used to a limited extent. In addition to placing figures on the screen, there is a Mini Slot bonus game, where you can get additional credits.

Prizes are awarded for each placed figure, but the size will always be different. Whether a prize will be awarded, and how much, is determined by a random number generator. The bonus game can bring up to 1,000x. And the total potential of the slot is 5,000x.

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