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Online casino with a license in Curacao

Curaçao is a small island off the coast of Venezuela. Curacao is a great jurisdiction for newcomers to the market and deservedly one of the leading regions in terms of benefits in obtaining a gaming license.

The jurisdiction of Curacao offers excellent conditions that are ideal for a new company in the field of virtual gambling. The supervising department introduced a low tax rate and also reduced the rigidity of market restrictions to a minimum, which is very welcome by new firms. The main advantage is a quick and easy entry into the jurisdiction, obtaining a license.

Curacao online casino license

The Curacao Gaming Commission offers everyone specialized service packages that allow you to buy a license and server hosting at a bargain price.

The term for obtaining a license is approximately 2-3 weeks from the date of application. There are some cases where the review may take longer.

Type of organization of the company in the field of virtual gambling:Limited Liability Company or Private Limited Liability Company.

There is a law on the territory of Curacao, according to which, any site in the field of virtual gambling must pay a regular fee of 2% of the entire gross profit of the company. This does not include import duty tax and sales tax.

This tax percentage is guaranteed to be insured against changes until 2026. There is no additional bet on the territory of Curacao.

Minimum authorized capital for a company

The minimum amount of authorized capital is needed for direct integration into the Curacao jurisdiction system. Its amount is negotiated separately when applying for a license. Usually, this is a small amount of financial resources, which has a very good effect on the creation and development of new online gaming companies.

All security, including software protection, is provided by the Master License Holder (the person who is responsible for licensing online gaming platforms in a given region).

User deposits lost due to system security issues must be returned in full by the Master License holder.

The cost of the license is formed at the discretion of the Master License holder: from $1000 to $5600.

License period:

The Curacao jurisdiction rules provide for the issuance of a license for a period of 5 years.

License renewal also costs between $1,000 and $5,600. The extension can be automatic if during the period of operation no violations were noticed on the part of the operator, and all the requirements of the jurisdiction were fully complied with.

The gambling business is not supported by local banks. Therefore, an account can be opened in foreign banks. At the same time, any foreign bank in which the operator decides to open a trading account must accept all the terms of cooperation from the jurisdiction of Curacao.

Bandwidth and servers. Available bandwidth types:

  • Multi-gigabit link;
  • International fiber optic lines;
  • Self-healing network (functioning 24/7, 365 days a year);
  • Ability to copy and data backup.

When applying for a license, the regulatory department offers private servers to host an online game project. Due to the constant development of the IT structure in this region, almost all servers have a cluster protection system that creates a high level of security and provides reliable protection against hacker attacks.

Software requirements

  1. Full certification of the Random Number Generator (RNG):
  2. Mandatory approval from the Minister of Justice to integrate the software into the online platform
  3. Regular software updates and the introduction of new technologies
  4. Maximum user protection

Any financial transactions related to the online gaming platform, as well as the results of communication between the casino and the player (payments for winnings, correspondence, depositing funds into the player’s account, etc.) must be kept without fail and provided to the regulatory department upon request.

Fraud, money laundering and other illegal operations in relation to online casinos

All violations of the old are recorded by the regulatory body and transferred to the necessary substances in accordance with applicable law. Any money laundering and other types of fraud fall under the "KYC" policy, which applies to all online gambling sites using a license from the jurisdiction of Curacao.

Territorial restrictions (distribution of gambling content): the distribution of gambling content, including various types of advertising, is allowed strictly on the territory of the Netherlands Antilles.

Government department contact details:

  • Address: Netherlands Antilles Ministry of Justice
  • Wilhelminaplein Metro Station, Curaçao, Netherlands Antilles
  • Contact person: Herbert Kofi

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