Gamification is an integral part of modern online casino

Relatively recently, a very trendy term has appeared in the online gambling industry - gamification. The term comes from the word game - a game and implies the use of elements of the game in order to make something more interesting.

Gamification is designed to attract and retain players. And it really brings the desired results. The game becomes much more interesting.

Forms of gamification in the casino

You may be surprised, but you are probably already familiar with almost all possible forms of gamification. Firstly, these are loyalty programs known to all more or less experienced players.

Each operator turns being in the casino and spending money into one big game. The rules of this game are simple - spend more, move faster through the levels and get rewarded. It's like collecting points in regular games to unlock new levels or get extra features.

Tournaments and leaderboards

When there is competition, many have a desire to be the first, or at least among the first. This desire is also used by casino operators. Many of them arrange tournaments, according to the results of which the most successful players are displayed in leaderboards (leaderboard). The achievement will be not only getting into the list of winners, but also winnings in the form of bonuses or credits.

Tournaments are really fun to play. At VideoSlots, for example, you will find both paid and free tournaments. Battle of Slots tournaments are held daily in large numbers. The buy-in (participation fee) is between 0 and 100 euros.

Unlike most other tournaments, here the battle takes place on only one slot machine and lasts an average of 2-3 hours. This is a unique offer that greatly increases the attractiveness of the VideoSlots operator.

Missions and objectives

Missions are not yet as popular as tournaments, but they are still found in many casinos. Players are invited to perform certain tasks and receive rewards for this. If you are not just playing, but completing a mission, then the time spent in the casino will be even more interesting.

When you complete a mission, you get a prize plus promotion to another mission, possibly with even better prizes. Some casinos turn this into a complete adventure. You move from one place on the map to another, get bonuses, fight bad heroes, etc. Of course, these are all just fictional plots, but they really make the casino experience that much more appealing.

Gamification of casino games

Developers have joined the “gamification” trend and are slowly starting to offer additional features. For example, there are slot machines with different levels that you need to reach. A great example is the Castle Builder II slot machine from Rabcat.

Firstly, the slot offers you to choose one of three heroes with different building abilities. He then suggests different regions on the map where castles should be built. The longer you build, the more luxurious projects you open up - from small huts to luxurious castles.

Players get combinations of building materials on the screen, from which they build castles. During the construction process, observers gather, among whom you then need to find a groom for the princess. The more luxurious the castle, the richer the applicants. That is, for the wedding you can get more money.