Interview with the director of BGaming, Marina Ostrovtsova. Translation

SlotCatalog has published an exclusive interview with BGaming Director Marina Ostrovtsova. She talks about the company's work, culture and principles. Below is the translation.

Hi Marina, SlotCatalog teamglad to see you as a guest. Could we start with a short introduction for our readers?

Hi, I'm Marina, director of BGaming.

Bgaming is an infusion of fresh blood into an existing product (formerly known as “Softswiss Games”). In February 2018, the SoftSwiss games portfolio went through a rebranding and was named “BGaming”. Since then, we have been a separate, powerful division within the SoftSwiss Group.

What are the advantages of your games? How do you achieve player loyalty?

As you know, SoftSwiss has been providing progressive casino solutions and a small number of games for quite some time now (although games have not been the company's top priority). As time went on, we slowly expanded our portfolio of games, but never stopped to analyze how we were doing it. It was natural to have our own game production. But then, at some point, we stopped to look around and we made a great observation - the efficiency of the games was a priority for the operators we worked with.

We started offering games with cryptocurrencies at the right time, we added a unique feature called Provably Fairness at a time when no other provider offered this feature to players. All this had a positive effect and increased our audience.

Further developing our relationship with this audience is what we find most beautiful at the moment. Our main goal is to get a player who trusts the product and an operator who prioritizes our games to their target audience.

What is the history of the company?

SoftSwiss gaming content has been renamed to BGaming and the brand is now 1 year old. It was a productive time for us.

Our team comes first. We have achieved this goal - a group of young and ambitious, self-motivated people has been assembled.

Last year ended well for us in terms of 6 new games. We released three deluxe versions of our top selling video slots and three brand new games.

We have attended 3 important exhibitions in the past year where we have advanced internationally.

But we still consider this period only the beginning, and you can definitely expect more from us.

Please share your opinion about the reasons for the success of your company? Why did you manage to achieve what you have achieved?

We have a clear long-term development strategy. We have a clear vision of how our final product should feel and look.

We are well aware of all the trends in the iGaming industry, and our goal is not just to keep up with the energy level of the industry, but to be ahead. We are focused on bringing something new. Creating something new or being innovative at every step we take is unlikely (but we do not rule it out). All the best has already been created and used, not only in gaming, but in almost every area of ​​life. So you can either follow the game or change the rules of the game.

Success brings new success, so new achievements are waiting for us around the corner.

Sounds intriguing. Can you tell us a little more about your company's vision and strategy?

The skeleton of BGaming is made up of energetic beavers who know what they are doing. Sounds like a cliché, but we want to grab attention with our fresh thoughts and captivating ideas.

This applies not only to what lies on the surface. This applies to our lives, work experience, communication within the company and the outside world. The essence of a brand is the combination of many small things that interact and can all help make our brand unique. In other words, it's not just about the games we make, but the messages we want to convey to the public and the platforms we use to communicate.

We want to remain honest and open.

Tell us about the corporate culture and core values ​​of BGaming?

When it comes to corporate culture, it will be difficult to describe our qualities in a couple of key terms. But to hell with it, let's choose one that we consider fundamental.

Common sense. "He really ties everything together." This is what we stick to when we expand the team, this is what we rely on when we communicate with players and operators, and this is the definition that describes the development process.

Other than that, we're funny, weird in a good way, involved and empathetic. And this is what we are trying to express in our products - all these characteristics make our brand more human.

What is your favorite BGaming slot?

There is no such. It may sound strange, but it's true.

Every game has good and bad. I like the specific themes of the games, but I don't like the production process. I like the way the game presents itself, but I hate the theme. These are all individual preferences. In general, all games are good, most of them are quite old games. And this is what we want and can fix in our content. Add freshness and breathe more life into games.

What players can expect from us this year is of course more slots, dice games, lotteries. BGaming's personal handwriting will be traced in each new game.

OK, thanks. What do you think is the most important aspect of the game?

You can always hear options like Graphics? Story? Gameplay? And each of these points is equally important. But on the other hand, these are necessary elements.

My personal opinion is music. My intuition tells me that music is a much more powerful part of the game.

We all remember great films by their main soundtracks. A good soundtrack can convey emotions, and can make the player want to relive those emotions over and over again. This is the detail that can make a game truly unique when compared to the graphics. A banana will always remain a banana (it may be brighter, more contrast, more yellow, but the essence remains the same).

But this, of course, is my personal opinion.

Back to BGaming products. Why should players play your games?

I'll be completely honest with you, every game provider says that they have a unique game design, a unique idea, work without problems. In reality, only a few of them do what they say and indicate as their advantages, and I was lucky to know them and play their games.

To avoid repetition, I would choose a few points that reflect what BGaming wants to really highlight. It's music, provable game integrity, and customer care.

We have always valued music in our games, and players feel it. After all, a game should be an experience. It's not just mindless spinning of the reels.

Provable Fairness is a feature we launched to stand out from the competition. Time has passed and it still makes us stand out, which is very nice.

The last one is our concern about what the players say to us and about us. We try to resolve any cases (let's be honest, the game provider cannot avoid this) with the utmost care and attention. We literally answer every email we receive.

Can you describe the future of the iGaming industry?

The answer depends on which side you look at it, and how much time you take for the future.

Many developers envision a future in which the gaming industry is filled with exciting technologies and they are eager to try them out and succeed.

It may be that we will all live our best lives in virtual reality and have fun there as well. But I would say this is the distant future.

From a software developer's point of view, our future depends on jurisdictions and their coverage area. You must follow the trend and comply with the laws.

From the player's point of view, no matter what happens, the player wants to have fun. And that's what we exist for.

What would you say to our fans?

All you are doing is gaining experience. At BGaming we don't just make games, they are real art for our artists, developers and other team members. This is what they want to do and what they are good at.

We adore our loyal players and try to help them in any situation. We know we are creating this content for someone, and that someone could be you.